Expectations and Responsibility:  A Partnership for Success

High Expectations must be the norm in order for any person, group, or organization to attain success.  The Staff at Napoleon Middle School strive to assist our students to reach the level of success attainable to them.  Each student presents a different challenge and just as there are no “cookie cutter” students there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach that works exactly the same for EVERY student.

However, there are key components to student success that ARE very much “cookie cutter” for all of our students, parents and teaching staff.  I want to start with the most important group, our students.  Students have access to the Power School app.  This allows students to track their progress and grades and should be checked daily.  Parents also have access to the Power School app.  I would recommend that parents check over their student’s progress at a minimum of weekly.  Teaching staff are required to update their grade books weekly provided that there are assignments due within that time frame.

Another component to having success in Middle School is to understand the testing/exam responsibilities of the student.  When students are absent the day (or maybe even just for a period) of a test or exam it is THEIR responsibility lies with THE student to make arrangements to take the test the FIRST day they RETURN to school from the absence.  The following is pulled directly from our handbook: In the case of a test that has been announced in advance, the teacher has the right to require the student to take the test on the scheduled day, or on the day the student returns to class.  Our Math Dept. has a slightly different testing policy and it pertains to ONLY the Math Dept.  Students who meet the grade level teacher’s criteria may retake portions of the test.  Students are informed of this for each test/exam.  Please inquire with the appropriate grade level math teacher for details if your student is unable to explain the process.