Principal’s Perspective #2

Non-Negotiable behavior is not a “new” thing it is a throwback to a simpler (no social media, cell phones, higher social expectations, etc) and friendlier time!  NMS will be implementing a progressive discipline behavior program this year that focuses on Respect, Appropriate language, and Physical behaviors.

Bullying has become THE buzz word in recent years.  The question is how do we stop this in our community?  It starts with ALL stakeholders (Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Administration) being consistent and working together to create a safer, welcoming environment for ALL students.   If you ever feel as though your student is being singled out for behaviors, in actuality we as a school community are attempting to protect another student or students.  Many minor behaviors escalate into situations that can and do lead to serious consequences and legal involvement.  As a staff we are working hard to stop these behaviors “in their tracks”.

We work hard to provide the best learning environment for all students, even if that means removing or disciplining students to make sure learning can take place.  Kids will say many things when facing consequences, as a parent and administrator I have heard many “reasons” to justify a behavior.   As partners in your child’s education I ask that you work with us to take a moment and look big picture before reacting to a specific situation.  One action positive or negative actions can a have a lasting impact.  We humbly ask for you to help us Be The Change!