WHAT: Jackson County Early College Program Information

Missed the high school JCEC information session on Tuesday, May 24th? 

Check out the information below shared with Pirate families via email.

JCEC Parent Presentation 2022

Need to Know 2022

Fast Facts for JCEC Parents 2022

JCEC Steps for Application 2022

JCEC Pre-Application

Parent Waiver


Good Morning,
I wanted to thank all the families that took time out of their busy schedules to attend our EC meeting last night. However, for all the families that could not make it, here is the information that was shared. I encourage all families to consider the opportunity, especially sophomores because soon they will be cut off from joining the EC program.
A few of points to note from last night:
1. Students can join and do not have to take college classes until they are ready.
2. Student can take as many college classes as they want vs. dual enrollment students can only take 10 classes
3. The EC director and college navigator will provide support for your student. They will also schedule their courses each semester and continually discuss their career path.
4. Students can stay in and attend JC after their senior year with their first year mostly paid for by NHS or decide they are going to another school, fill out an opt-out form, and leave the EC taking their credits wherever they go.
5. Students take FYS (First Year Student) that will help us to determine if they are ready to move forward taking college classes. EC students do not need to meet the State cut scores (College Readiness PSAT/SAT Scores) like the Dual enrollment students because of this class.
6. If you think there is even a chance your student will attend JC, they should join the EC!
See all the other information in the attachments. To enroll, please fill out the Pre-Application AND the Parent Waiver form and turn that into me before June 9th. 
Thank you!

Kimberly L. King, SCL, LPC

School Counselor

Napoleon High School