Napoleon Middle School End of Year Celebration/Personal Belongings Pickup/

Textbook-Library Book Drop Off.

We realize the Stay Home, Stay Safer order is still in effect; however, we can no longer wait to distribute personal belongings and awards,  and also to collect school resources such as textbooks and library books.  The following information will outline the process we will be using to provide protocol which will safely allow us to provide “closure” for the anything but normal 2019-20 school year.  On Friday, June 5th from 11:00 to 5:00 we are asking families to make arrangements during the time provided to return all school materials (text and library books).

Students will be able to pick up their personal belongings which were removed from their hallway lockers and labeled by staff this week.

Students will receive their end of year academic achievement recognition awards if they had earned them through the first three quarters.  We will also be handing out the traditional year-end awards such as Highest and High Honors Trophies, Grade Level All A’s, Drama, Flag, STUCO officers, National Junior Honor Society, Perfect Attendance, and Yearbook awards.


Please drive through the gates at the end of the parking lot near transportation.  You will then drive around behind the MS following the drive the buses use.  The Textbook/Library book drop off and personal belonging pick up will occur at the double doors of the Cafeteria.  If you are notified that you earned an award, you will proceed to the main entrance to receive your award.

THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times. We truly wish we were able to provide the traditional year-end experience!  We miss you!  We hope you have a fun summer and plan to see you in August.


*Ezra Eby Elementary personal belonging pick up information will be shared early next week when schedules and details are confirmed.