As we get close to Winter Break & the weather gets colder, please remember students need to come to school dressed properly for the weather. Our Pirates will continue to have outside recess whenever the weather allows. (Unless the temperature reaches single digits factoring in all conditions including wind chill or other unfavorable conditions prevent outdoor recess).  

Students will need to have the following items:

Winter Coat

Winter Hat

Mittens/ Gloves

Scarf/ Neck Warmer

Winter Boots

Snow Pants

Please remember to LABEL EVERYTHING!

We appreciate your help in keeping our Pirates warm & healthy during these winter months.

EBY SCHOOL HOURS are 8:28 am to 3:32 pm Daily (full day schedule). 

Doors are open for breakfast at 8:15 am. Students getting breakfast in the morning may enter the building and head to the cafeteria for breakfast at 8:15 am.

Students arriving for class may enter the building at 8:25 am.

It is very important that your child arrives at school ON TIME. Students arriving late disrupt the start of class, delaying the learning process for many. PLEASE do your best to get your Pirates to Eby by 8:28 am. Slow winter mornings have many of us running slow as we get back from break. DO YOUR BEST PIRATES! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! Thank You

All Call System 

Napoleon Community Schools utilizes a district wide ALL CALL system to notify families of important information such as school cancellations, delays, etc. If you are not receiving these calls,  your contact information may be updated by contacting the school office of the building your child attends.

Please contact these offices during school hours with further questions. Thank you

Ezra Eby Elementary Office 517 905 5715

Napoleon Middle School Office 517 905 5703

Napoleon High School Office 517 905 5704

Ackerson Lake High School Office 517 905 5713


This Friday, December 23rd HALF DAY at Eby, NMS & NHS.

WINTER BREAK December 24, 2022 – January 8, 2023.

SCHOOL RESUMES Monday, January 9th, 2023.