KISS THE PIG UPDATE: And the winners are…..

Mr. Norman 3rd Place, Mr. Eagen 2nd Place and the top dollar earner was….1st PLACE MR. ADAMS!!!!

Thank you to our fun, amazing staff who were willing to step up & Kiss A Pig for a good cause! At NMS good behavior and positive choices are celebrated and appreciated. This fundraiser will help offset the costs of the some of the quarterly rewards this year and was all in good fun. Thanks again to all the students and families for their contributions!

Mr. Adams, Mr. Eagen and Mr. Norman pose for a picture. Mr. Adams kissing a piglet. Mr. Eagen kissing a piglet Mr. Norman kissing a piglet. Mr. Adams poses while Mr. Eagen puts on lipstick to kiss the piglet.

Attention NMS Pirates

Napoleon Middle School is holding a “Kiss a Pig” contest to help raise money to offset the cost of quarterly rewards.
Kids can bring in coins and dollars and place them in envelopes for which teacher they’d like to see kiss a piglet during an assembly on September 20.
The top three teachers receiving money will smooch the baby piglet BUT the top dollar earner will kiss that piggy while wearing a piggy costume!
Help us support this fundraising effort & get a great laugh as bonus!
Which teachers will smooch that piglet & who’s going to do it dressed as a pig?
Who’s it gonna be Pirates?