On Wednesday, March 16th NHS held a Wellness Day event geared towards helping to educate our students as well as provide them with the skills necessary to cope in an ever challenging society.

The day of activities and breakout sessions was a great success! Guest speakers from various positions within in society, shared experiences and information on significant life topics including;

  • recognizing and avoiding exploitation or controlling behaviors
  • creating healthy boundaries
  • moving towards what’s positive
  • loving who we are
  • coping skills/ grief and loss
  • overcoming obstacles
  • situational awareness
  • positive nutrition decisions
  • revealing hope
  • benefits of yoga
  • inspirational personal & professional journeys

NHS would like to thank everyone who helped in making this event a success for our students. We believe student wellness is fundamental to promoting positive outcomes. Students were reminded that resources are available and encouraged to seek help if they are having a hard time coping. Life is challenging. NHS is doing our best to provide the tools for our students to thrive both while they are with us and long after they graduate! GO PIRATES!!!

Please feel free to contact Ms. Pam Pence with any questions at pam.pence@napoleonschools.org.