Good Afternoon Pirate Families,

We have some information regarding the new COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines that we have received from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Jackson County Health Department (JCHD). As we reviewed these new guidelines and consider how they impact our buildings, students and staff and best adjust our sails, we would like to remind you that we’re doing our best to make informed decisions in ever changing circumstances. We appreciate your patience.

As the new guidelines now call for schools to follow the Five (5) day Quarantine Protocols previously introduced for community members outside of the school setting. Beginning immediately, the following COVID-19 Quarantine Protocols will be followed by all NCS staff and students. Please review carefully as there are some significant changes to how quarantines for both positive and close contacts will be administered.


STUDENTS IN ALL BUILDINGS ARE REQUIRED to quarantine for five days and monitor for symptoms from the day of symptoms onset. If symptoms have improved or you continue to have no symptoms, return to school on the sixth day from positive test/symptoms while wearing a well-fitted mask. **SEE Jackson County Health Department Guidance Sheet WHAT TO DO IF YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 for more details.

CLOSE CONTACTS OF COVID-19 POSITIVE CASE(S) – Contact tracing will continue at all buildings.

Ezra Eby Students GRADES Y5-5: IF same household COVID-19 positive exposure, quarantine is required for 5 days from date of exposure. Student may return after quarantine on days 6-10, testing encouraged and no symptoms, mask recommended. IF not the same household and no symptoms are present, it is a recommended 5 days quarantine from the date of exposure. Student may return after quarantine on days 6-10, testing encouraged and no symptoms, mask recommended.  *IF A STUDENT DEVELOPS SYMPTOMS see area below.

Middle & High School Students GRADES 6- 12:

Contact tracing notifications will remain in place, 5 day quarantine is recommended for close contacts and families are advised to watch for symptoms.

*IF A STUDENT DEVELOPS SYMPTOMS: Students who develop symptoms of COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 5 days, encouraged to get a COVID-19 test and wear a mask if they choose to return for days 6-10. IF after day 5 you still have symptoms you should NOT return to school, you should continue to isolate until the symptoms resolve or 10 days have gone by since you tested positive or you first developed symptoms. If you have a fever you should continue to isolate until your fever goes away. If your symptoms are not resolving or are worsening seek medical care.

If you choose to quarantine you must let your school principal or supervisor know you are choosing to take the 5-day quarantine so arrangements can be made for academic support if needed. Masks are recommended upon your return to school for days 6-10.

Again, these new protocols will begin immediately. If you have any questions please contact your school principal or supervisor.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our school during COVID-19.


James E. Graham

Napoleon Community Schools





*see CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Information here or for further information see the Jackson County Health Dept. Quarantine and Isolation page.