As the second half of our school year begins we wanted to take a moment to remind parents of a few Academic Supports that are available to all NHS students.


  • NHS students have 30 minutes every day built into called E2 (STAR). During this time they have the ability to meet with teachers for extra help, make up or work on assignments, quizzes, and tests.
  • We have an after-school homework help session available Monday thru Thursday each week. This homework session lasts for 1 hour and is staffed by 2 teachers.  One of these teachers is always a math teacher.
  • Students may also go to at home or during appropriate times during their day. This free (YouTube based) tutorial video service has every topic and subject available as well as practice questions. It’s a great tool and readily available to both parents and students.
  • NHS also has a retest policy (this does not include exams). This policy gives students the opportunity to retake a test/quiz and take the average of the two. This option is only available to students that complete their assignments for that unit and are willing to put in some extra work/remediation by seeing their teacher during E2. 
  • Also, parents are encouraged to monitor student learning by using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you have not set a PS Parent Portal account and would like one please contact Mrs. Watts, HS Student Services Secretary. She can be reached during school hours at 517 905 5792 or by email at She will be happy to send you the directions on setting up your account. This tool enables parents to help recognize and identify possible issues early on versus after the student receives a poor grade for the entire trimester. In many cases allowing us to implement student support more quickly.  

As a school and community our goal is to provide opportunities for students to reach their full potential.  Working together we can help each of our students to become self-supporting, productive citizens and good people. Please feel free to contact any of your child’s teachers via email or phone regarding your students progress or any concerns. As always you’ll find a complete staff list here or by using the menu under Staff > Contact Us on the NCS main web page