**Fitness Center** UDPATE 1/12/2023 
We understand that some cards are still not working. Please be patient while we work with the Jackson County ISD to get them turned back on. At this point, we do not have a set date where they will all be working again. We are making regular contact with the ISD to get updates on the process.
We have ordered additional cards, and have not received them. Getting more cards, and making sure they are all up and running, is going to be a process. Some of that process is out of our control locally.
If you have questions, contact tom.johns@napoleonschools.org
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General Update 12/21/2022

While recovery efforts continue from the recent ransomware attack, if you have a district issued facility keycard you may still be experiencing difficulties with your access. We are aware of the problem and currently working through the issue with the JCISD. It is unlikely that these issues will be resolved before Winter Break. If your card is still not working the week we return from Christmas Break (1/9-1/13), please let us know. Fitness center/weight room cardholders should contact beckie.minix@napoleonschools.org OR tom.johns@napoleonschools.org ALL other cardholders experiencing difficulty should contact the administrator who issued the card. We appreciate your continued patience.

**Fitness Center** post 12/21/2022
We know some fitness center cards are not currently working. We do not have a timeline of when all of them will be working again. As we work with Jackson ISD to find solutions to these issues, please continue to be patient. If your card is still not working the week we return from Christmas Break (1/9-1/13), please let us know. If you have questions please contact tom.johns@napoleonschools.org
Make it a great day
  • Internet availability in district buildings over the upcoming holidays / winter break will be intermittent.
  • Phones will work 24/7 over the holidays / winter break to ensure 911 services are available while in district buildings.
  • Cloud programs (i.e. – PowerSchool, Gmail, Google Suite, etc…) will be available outside of the district (i.e. – at home) even when the internet is off inside of district buildings.