First, I want to thank our Representative Graduation Committee parents and students consisting of Susan Sayles, Lisa Bradley, Mike Boobyer, Elizabeth Phelps, Izzy Ford, and Austin Smith, for participating in the tough decision making.

Here is a summary as background:
  • With the SignUpGenius slots for June 14th, we had 64 of 79 respond (just under 20% did not sign up)
  • On the survey, we had 53 of 79 respond (almost a third of the class did not respond).
  • On the first question of keeping or cancelling June 14th & 16th, the results were 28 to keep, 25 to cancel (with those numbers, we feared many would not attend which would make the slideshow incomplete).  On the July date question, the responses were 28 responses in favor of July 19th and 25 responses for July 26th.  On the August date question, there were 22 responses in favor of the 2nd and 31 in favor of the 9th.
In further deliberation, the committee has agreed to the following, which is a little bit different than we first conceptualized:
We are cancelling June 14 (and the make-up of 16th) and putting all of our eggs in the one basket of July 19th, forgetting all about August (We’ve heard from a few students they will be out of the area in August already for various reasons).  On July 19th, if the restrictions are lifted, GREAT!  We have a normal 2PM ceremony at the FB field if weather permits.  If weather does not permit an outdoor ceremony on July 19th, we are in the gym like normal.  If restrictions are in place on July 19th, we do the virtual option on that date, which very well may allow for larger family participants at that time.  We will use the existing SignUpGenius for this date and encourage any Senior that has not signed up to do so ASAP.  Use this link:
We sincerely hope that this plan is well received by our community and that they know we are doing our best to make the most of things under the circumstances we have.  Further notifications of July 19th will be made as we get closer, but please lock in that date!
Please inform all of your family and loved ones of these plans that need to know.  We thank you for your patience.
Mr. Dillon