Napoleon Community Schools

Strategic Plan

Napoleon Community Schools would like to give a special thank you to the collaborative Strategic Planning Committee that worked many hours to bring this plan together. At the core of every conversation was a drive to help the children of Napoleon Community Schools and the people of Napoleon

Strategic Planning Committee

(in alphabetical order)

Chris Adams
Scott Ashe
Judy Bostedor
Lisa Bradley
Chip Bunker
Shelia Burch
Jeremy Bush
Patrick Dillon
Angy Elliott
Nicole Gilbert
Jim Graham
Lindsay Johns
Zach Kanaan
Geri Phelps
Mike McGonegal
Shawn Murphy

Summary of Napoleon Community Schools Strategic Goals and Strategies

(as of 9-18-16)

NCS’ Four Primary Goals:

1. Student Learning During and Outside of the School Day (Quality of learning for our students & preparedness for the future)
2. Public Relations & Networking
3. Culture/Environment of Napoleon Community Schools for All Stakeholders
4. Teacher Learning & Leading

Goal 1: Student Learning

We will prepare students for a complex society through rigorous and relevant learning and application of skills during and outside the school day.

  • Strategy 1 : Expand the knowledge base and opportunities of all stakeholders by utilizing “Top Ten 21st Century Essential Skills” (according to Hanover Research) associated with NCS curriculum and programs during the school day.
  • Strategy 2 : Expand extended learning and leadership opportunities for K-12 students during and outside the school day.

Goal 2: Collaboration, Networking & Public Relations

We will proactively communicate and increase communication/collaboration so that the parents, students, and ALL stakeholders are involved and accessing what makes Napoleon great — leveraging better public relations (PR) and generating a better network.

  • Strategy 1 : All stakeholders will be “face to face” as much as possible; visible and accessible in and for the community, at events, meetings, etc. Seeing the school as a community hub but also seeing the people as the core of the school/community.
  • Strategy 2 : Join with various with nonprofit organizations in the county and across the state that focus on student education and the betterment of the community in order to move our school name to the forefront of conversations allowing for increased community bonding and support and the opportunity for additional options in funding and outside participation.
  • Strategy 3 : We will craft a clear, catchy and meaningful charge! The charge becomes a staple in our culture.
    • The charge needs to address the question: How do we remain relevant in a community/society that can replace the school district in a heartbeat with online learning, consolidation, privatization, etc.?
    • Use media (radio, m-Live, TV, social platforms), signs, shirts, etc so it is known)
    • Get local “buy in” including staff, administration and most importantly students/parents.

Goal 3: Culture & Environment of NCS

We believe all stakeholders are valuable and can make an impact at Napoleon Community Schools. We will reevaluate and rebuild the culture, community and environment at Napoleon Community Schools (at all levels) to be inclusive as well as physically, emotionally and socially healthy for all stakeholders so that academic learning and our core quality values are taught, modeled, practiced and present in all contexts.

  • Strategy 1 : Administration, teachers & students co-construct a coherent and meaningful K12 system of social and emotional intelligence (creating healthy, tolerant productive citizens) including the revision and enforcement of already crafted policies, bullying, accountability of admin, teachers and students no matter what sports they play, who their parents are or their current standing in the community (no special treatment). More transparent decision-making. (Example systems… Leader in Me & Pirate Education)
  • Strategy 2 : Emphasize the value of becoming a lifelong learner.

Goal 4: Teacher Learning and Leading

We will intentionally focus on enhancing teacher and administrator learning through professional development, formal and informal experiences for teachers and administration, as well as other members of our community to maximize student learning.

  • Strategy 1 : Provide meaningful teacher learning opportunities (Professional Development) ranging from individualized, to small and whole group for every teacher in the district; meaningful PD will be identified as needed/wanted by the teachers due to alignment with the school improvement plan, 21st century skills (such as technology), and other data (surveys, teacher evaluation, etc.) The complex PD system/model will be co-constructed/crafted before September and shares (transparently… to minimally meet the hours/days required by the state of Michigan for Professional Development.)
  • Strategy 2 : Develop and expand community focused workshops put on by teachers and administrators, starting on a small scale and expanding to larger scale, to enhance the capacity of community members and enhance communication between schools/home therefore promoting greater efficiency of teachers & administration.
  • Strategy 3 : Better leverage local, county and state resources and network for partnerships. Create focal areas for partnerships like STEAM: Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (Agricultural, Business, Manufacturing, Engineering, etc). Seek Alternative funding to create, promote, and implement instructional support programs that will impact student growth while fostering community partnerships including teachers as leaders.