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Letter from Mr. Johns

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I want to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year at Napoleon Middle School, and thank you for trusting our staff to educate your students! At Napoleon Middle School we will always be focused on safety and helping your students excel in the classroom. We also want to make sure we are helping your students become better people. It’s a goal of ours that your students will respect themselves, their peers, and adults. We want every student to be responsible for their words and their actions, and we want every student to learn the value of being kind to others.

If we are going to hold students accountable, it is only going to be meaningful if it’s a team effort between the staff at NMS, the students, and the families. Please be an active participant in your students’ education, and always contact the school when you have questions or concerns. Learn your students schedule, get to know their teachers, check on their grades through PowerSchool, and encourage them to make good choices. Extra Curricular activities often help student performance, help students grow socially, and help students learn how to be part of a school community. Encourage your students to get involved!

Regular attendance is critical when it comes to achievement and success. Help your students learn good habits when it comes to attendance, and make sure they get to school every day. Please communicate with the school when students are going to be absent, and do your best to avoid attendance conflicts when students should be in class. When students are absent, they not only miss instructional time, but they miss assignments and assessments. Making up late/missing work forces students to work twice as hard just to stay caught up. If we can avoid those conflicts, we put our students in a position to be successful on a regular basis.

Education is a people business, and relationships matter. Students respond to positive interaction, and it is easier to motivate them, when they know you care about their well-being. I am excited about the opportunity to work with your students at Napoleon Middle School. I want to get to know them, and be a positive influence on every person in our building. As Principal of Napoleon Middle School, I will do my best to lead by example everyday and encourage our staff to invest in our students as students and as people.

Tom Johns

Middle School Principal
Athletic Director
Napoleon Community Schools

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Tom Johns


Renee Anderson