NHS Counseling Support Services

Our vision here at Napoleon Community Schools is to help everyone develop the skills that will allow them to adapt and succeed in a changing society. We can all agree that sometimes this can be challenging or difficult and takes a toll on our psycho-social well-being. During these times a little help is necessary and welcomed. Recognizing that at times professional guidance is most appropriate to provide the help we need, NCS has hired a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mr. Edwin Payne.

Remember, being well is not the absence of illness, but rather the ability to grow continuously even during difficult and challenging times to reach our full potential. Mr. Payne will help determine the type of assistance needed, provide that assistance when appropriate, and make referrals as necessary. Specific services provided will include psycho-social assessments, individual counseling, crisis counseling, referrals to mental health care providers, and consultations with parents.

Mr. Payne comes to us with a wealth of credentials and experiences. He holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from Lincoln Christian Seminary, a BA in Family Life Ministry from Lincoln Christian College, and has work experiences in both the public and private sectors, including MSU Counseling Center and Jackson County DHS. Mr. Payne has specific training in the areas of suicide prevention, group crisis intervention, and child welfare.
Mr. Payne is an engaged member of the community participating in multiple professional collaborative and civic organizations. Also, as a parent of Pirates, he is committed to the success of the district and our students.

If you would NOT like your child to participate in the NHS Counseling Support services, please complete THIS FORM and return it to the Napoleon High School Student Services office.