State Superintendent Visits NCS

Napoleon Community Schools was honored to have State Superintendent Brian Whiston  visit our schools on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017. Our administrators, teachers, support staff and students showed much Pirate Pride while Superintendent Whiston toured our three main campus buildings after briefly meeting with Ackerson’s Principal, Mr. Zach Kanaan.

Mr. Kanaan proudly shared the accomplishments  of the Ackerson staff and students with a slideshow presentation highlighting the Grow and Show Greenhouse program along with some information on their College and Career Readiness activities. Shortly after, Mr. Dillon guided the High School portion of the tour taking Superintendent Whiston into several of our updated Science classrooms giving students a chance to show off their science skills while conducting experiments, wrapping up the HS tour by visiting our updated band room, cafetorium and weight room facilities.

The second half of the Superintendents visit started at Ezra Eby Elementary where Mr. McGonegal  introduced Superintendent Whiston to our highly regarded Reading Recovery staff and shared information on our reading program, toured the building and showed off the much loved Eby Outdoor Learning Center.  Finishing up the tour of the district, Mr. Adams guided Superintendent Whiston through Napoleon Middle School, sharing information on the Middle School’s  curriculum including Art, Life Skills, Computer Programming and highlighting the Advanced Math classes available to all three grade levels as well as stopping into Mr. Eagen’s room to observe students hard at work on their STEM Robotics projects.

As reported on M-live (click link for story below) “We had a great day,” Superintendent Jim Graham said. “We were excited to have him here. It was an honor.”

HS State Sup  Eby State Sup Visit RR  MS State Sup Visit