Last month Superintendent Graham published a district wide letter regarding school safety and our continued commitment to ensuring the well-being of our students and staff. Over the past couple of months with the help of Napoleon Police Chief, Duaine Pittman, we again reopened discussions on school safety and where we were headed in terms of updating our plans, policies and structure. Last week, we proudly shared with our local newspaper editor and Pirate parent, Mr. John Hummer plans to implement updated security measures centered on a new state-of-the-art security system. If you haven’t seen the article published in the Tuesday, March 18, 2018 issue of The Exponent you should pick up a copy today.

In brief what we’re looking at is a multi-faceted system consisting of The Boot, a door protection plate device, room placards for quick identification of spaces, ballistic shields in areas determined to be vulnerable and a high tech advanced lighting “smart system” that will not only detect gunfire but also set off multiple types of district and county wide alarms upon detection. Updates will also include implementation of newly recommended safety procedures to be added to our current building and district lock-down plans. All of the above to be executed upon installation of the physical system itself.

Funding for the system will come from several sources not the least of which will be the cost savings created from energy saving of the new light system, loans, Consumers Energy rebates, and state matching funds. This system, developed and manufactured right here in Michigan, by The Lockdown Company has been installed in locations throughout Michigan. It is said to quickly be developing into one of the most sought after advancements in school security available today.

At Napoleon Community Schools we’re excited to finalize the legalities and get started on implementing these safety measures within the district. We take seriously our commitment to safe keeping our communities most valued asset, our students.

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