Heroes Hat Day Challenge

WHEN: Tuesday, May 22nd

WHAT: Hat Day Challenge minimum $1.00 donation

GOAL: $350.00 or more

Napoleon High School will be holding a Hat Day Fundraiser as part of a challenge issued by the Jackson County Honor Society.  As part of our fundraising efforts to support this great cause staff & students will make a donation to wear a hat in recognition of local Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, and Military on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018.

The Jackson County Honor Society is a publicly operated 501 (c)(3) charity organization dedicated to establishing and operating a county wide Honor Guard serving all 15 Jackson County Fire Departments. The honor guard will stand at the ready to perform final services for any Jackson County Fire Fighter who sacrifices their life in the line of duty. Due to budget restrictions within the fire departments no such unit currently exists for any fire department in our county. With the sacrifice that these men and women make for us the Honor Society feels the least they can do as a community is to make sure that fire fighters are allowed to answer their final call with full honors.
Additionally, the Honor Society wants to help keep our communities safe into the future by establishing a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors looking to further their education after high school by pursuing education in Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, or attending a Military Academy. They have issued a challenge to local districts to help raise the funds necessary to make this scholarship available and Napoleon High School is accepting the challenge. The school raising the most funds towards this call will win up to 25 t-shirts for their local fire department. Winners will be determined by dividing the total amount raised by the number of students at the high school.  (example: if we raise $250.00 and have 320 students = .78 per student was raised)
*If you would like to contribute to this fundraiser you may send donations in to any school office in an envelope marked “Hero Fundraiser”.  All checks should be made payable to: Napoleon High School with “Hero” in the memo. THANK YOU
Our goal is to raise more per student than any other participating schools &
show everyone that 
Bring in your donations & wear those hats on May 22nd Pirates.
Let’s show our Napoleon Firefighters how much we appreciate their service.