Almost 2 years after his own graduation NHS 2016 Alumni, Ethan Smith made an appearance at both the High School and Middle School to share his extensive knowledge of US History and his impressive collection of artifacts. First, Ethan stopped into Mrs. Shawna Schulze’s 8th grade Social Studies classroom to give a presentation and show off his collection.  Later, he made a stop into Mr. Craig Booher’s, NHS US History class bringing his collection of historical artifacts and sharing his love of United States’ history with the High School students.

Among the items he shared were Civil War medical probes, Abraham Lincoln’s signature, Civil War era crutches, a camp chair once used by Captain Alfred Brooks during the Civil War, a piece of Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s chair, and a piece of a flag flown over Fort Sumter during the Civil War. He even took the time to teach our HS students how to march like Union troops!

Check out pictures of Ethan’s impressive collection below or watch the video of our marching HS students  here.

Thank you Ethan for sharing your knowledge and passion for history with our students!!