February 14, 2018


Hello Pirate Families,

As recent events in and around our area have brought concerns about school safety situations to the forefront of our minds I wanted to take a moment to reaffirm Napoleon Community Schools commitment to ensuring the safety of our students and staff.

NCS works closely with the Napoleon Police Department anytime there is a situation involving the well-being of our staff and/or students. We appreciate their diligence as they continue to be visible and accessible on our campuses in an effort to enforce a positive relationship with our students and local families.

We also understand the needs of parents and our community at large to receive accurate information when situations occur. As mentioned in our all call earlier this week, we are aware that stories spread quickly and sometimes inaccurately. Although the details of such situations are often confidential and will not be released to the public, you can rest assured we will quickly respond to any given situation.

At those times public information will be provided as it becomes available, typically through our all call telephone alert system as this seems the most feasible way to reach every family.  We recognize that communication between the parents and school is very important and will do our best to keep you informed. Please be sure to verify your contact information yearly and update your student(s) record in the building they attend as needed.

We are committed to alleviating any undue distress parents or families may have in regards to the safety of their children while in our care and will continue to keep families informed to the best of our ability. Rest assured we will investigate and deal with potential issues in the most effective way possible, with safety always being our top priority.



James E. Graham




*Text of NCS All Call February 12, 2018:  Napoleon Community Schools puts student and staff saety as a top priority. Today, February 12th after school was dismissed, a future verbal threat to the High School was reported to the High School office. At no time will the students or staff safety be endangered. The Napoleon Police Department and high school administration worked together to quickly investigate. The situation has been dealt with appropriately and the school is as safe as any other day. The potential threat at the high school has been dealt with and proper steps taken. As we continue to ensure that safety is a top priority, the Napoleon Police Department will continue to be visible and accessible on our campuses. As stories quickly spread and change via social media, we wanted to address this situation with our school communities to provide accurate information. Again, safety is our top priority and we feel confident that there is no cause for alarm as the situation is in hand.